Quality Products & Services Listing

Apply to have your product/service listed by NEAS.

Submitting the application will provide all the necessary information for the listing. However it does not provide enough information for endorsement.

If you would like to start the product/service endorsement right away, click here.

Endorsed Quality Product or Service
Endorsed Products and Services are measured against Quality Area K of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework.

Endorsed Products and Services will be featured in our listing, receive a special community endorsement badge that they can advertise and become part of our ELT community.

Endorsement Benefits

  • Increase your product/service quality and reputation with an external quality review

  • Showcase why your product and service deserves to be recognised for its quality

  • Access professional development for your staff

  • Access NEAS member rates for the NEAS Management Conference.

  • Access NEAS Online

  • Be listed in a focused area on the NEAS website, with up to 750 visits a day.

  • Receive an exclusive advertisement opportunity only for endorsed products and services to our subscribers. (Offer ends 23/12/2020)


  • What is endorsement?

    Endorsement is guided by the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework. Organisations that are listed must eventually achieve endorsement to maintain their listing.

  • How much does endorsement cost?

    $2,500 per annum + GST