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Guided E-Learning

Guided E-Learning is a Bronze Sponsor of the NEAS Management Conference.

Guided e-Learning provides online blended learning solutions to EFL schools and IELTS test preparation. Our school platform, GELnet, combines detailed data analytics and content from Oxford University Press to deliver blended learning mapped to a school’s syllabus. Our GEL IELTS prep system offers comprehensive IELTS prep packages used by test centres and schools.

Full Details

Guided e-Learning (GEL) is a UK-based edtech company focused on ELT. Clients are many of the top English language education providers including the British Council, IH Sydney, EC English and Oxford International. We offer two services: GELnet for English language schools, and GEL IELTS Flex.

GELnet, supported by content from Oxford University Press, captures and uses student and class performance data to improve teaching and learning results. It reduces teacher prep time, demonstrates progress, and provides more personalised learning for students. GELnet automatically generates editable weekly plans based on your course book or syllabus complete with aims & outcomes, homework, tests, and remedial study.

GEL’s sophisticated analytics system marks all work and captures the data, so students monitor their progress, teachers track performance and managers maintain consistency in their academic programmes.

Our second product is GEL IELTS Flex. Selected as the premium IELTS prep solution by the British Council–British Council IELTS READY : PREMIUM, GEL IELTS Flex offers 40 full IELTS mock tests, daily live & on-demand classes, and integrated training through our Guided Skills programme. GEL IELTS Flex is available outside of the British Council either as a self-access tool complete with 1-to-1 and AI support, or as an addition to our GELnet platform for English language schools.

GEL offers both free and subscription packages to higher education providers, agents and language schools which enable you to take advantage of this programme to support your IELTS test takers and offer additional services.

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