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ReadyTeacher envisions a future where the international education industry experiences a paradigm shift towards a sustainable and collaborative approach. Our vision is to be at the forefront of this transformation, contributing to a more inclusive, accessible and innovative recruitment ecosystem.What we offerOur primary goal at ReadyTeacher is to modernise the international education sector by providing a platform that connects quality teachers with esteemed institutions delivering the following course types:– English language (ELICOS)– Certificate and Diploma (VET)– Digital skillsReadyTeacher streamlines the recruitment process for education managers, offering Emergency Teachers (ETs) and short-term instant hires, thus providing a faster and more efficient alternative to traditional methods like, through our Employee Trial Period, we are committed to reducing casualisation in the industry by promoting direct employment with our member colleges. By functioning as a recruitment funnel and instant shortlist with interview scheduling, ReadyTeacher strives to inspire commitment, passion, and relationship-building among teachers.

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