Sandra Pitronaci

Sandra Pitronaci

National Director, ELICOS & Pathways, ILSC Australia

ILSC Australia is a NEAS Quality Endorsed Centre.


Mentoring Models for Academic Managers

Thursday, Session 2: 11:00:00 - 12:00:00


Sandra Pitronaci is National Director ELICOS & Pathways at ILSC Education Group, and has been actively involved in CoPs throughout her ELT career. She is passionate about helping others connect and share, and is a fervent believer in abundance theory and the importance of CoPs and SIGs. Sandra is currently Convenor of English Australia AMSIG, Contributing Editor of the English Australia Journal, Newsletter Editor and Committee Member of IATEFL LAMSIG, and one of a dedicated Admin team for the 2,000+ member #AusELT online CoP. She is also looking forward to actively participating in the NEAS Leadership in ELT CoP as it develops and expands. At ILSC, Sandra leads the team of DoSs across ILSC Australia’s five national campuses, and enjoys helping them strive to be outward-looking, service-minded professionals.

This session will examine various mentoring models and their applicability in ELT settings and discuss strategies for implementing effective peer mentoring programs for academic managers.

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