Congratulations to StudentWorld on successfully completing its 2024 Quality Review activity!

StudentWorld, an Australian-registered Education and Migration Consultant Agency, operates within a larger international network spanning 17 office locations across 14 countries, including Spain, India, Nepal, Lebanon, and the Philippines. Since its inception in 2000, StudentWorld has been recruiting international students primarily from India, with additional recruitment from China, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, and Brazil for study opportunities in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and the UK. StudentWorld has partnership agreements with several NEAS members. In addition to NEAS Quality Endorsement, StudentWorld holds certifications from other prominent Australian organisations including ICEF, ISEAA, and PIER/ITAC.

NEAS conducted its assessment of StudentWorld’s operations and services using Area J of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, focussing on these important Quality Principles: the presence of an ethical framework underpinning the practices of the agency and its counsellors; provision of information to stakeholders that is ethical, accurate and consistent; use of governance structures that are effective and transparent; supporting a performance and development culture for staff; implementing systematic risk management processes; and routinely obtaining stakeholder feedback to inform the continuous improvement of services. More information on Area J can be referenced here:  

NEAS implements a unique 360-degree stakeholder feedback approach in its review procedures. Staff surveys, in conjunction with internal documents such as the Counsellor Handbook & Ethical Framework for Student World and its Counsellors in Collaboration with Providers, underscore the agency’s dedication to delivering professional and high-quality service to all stakeholders. These documents outline legal standards, guidelines, and expectations for counsellors, ensuring adherence to compliance and ethical practices. Additionally, the Student Evaluation Form is used to assess student needs and tailor advice accordingly. Provider and student interviews further highlighted the agency’s commitment to legal compliance and professionalism, with students expressing satisfaction with the service received from StudentWorld. Students praised the staff’s knowledge and expertise, often recommending the agency based on their positive experiences with counsellors.

February 2024