NEAS congratulates Sydney English Language Academy (SELA)!

SELA is an established ELICOS provider in Sydney, offering courses in General English, IELTS, PET, FCE, and CAE Cambridge Courses. SELA attracts students from various countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan, with a predominant age group in their early 20s.

Students in the Focus Group mentioned choosing SELA due to its convenient location, affordable courses, flexibility in course delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the option to select from three different timetables.

Students expressed satisfaction with their courses and teachers and described the feedback process as “nicely done”. They also appreciated the ease of finding rooms and computer facilities for additional study outside regular class hours.

Students were happy with the way they received information through social media channels and notice boards within the Centre. They also enjoy socialising at the level-1 food court in the Sussex Street building.

Teachers in the Focus Group expressed contentment with the course design and valued collaborative resource-sharing on the online platform, SharePoint. Teachers also conveyed satisfaction in promoting SELA as a workplace, acknowledging it for providing “flexible employment opportunities with well-organised class timetables.” Staff members in the Focus Group affirmed SELA’s commitment to fostering a positive, adaptable, and enriching learning environment.

January 2024