NEAS Congratulates TasTAFE on completing a successful quality review activity!

At TasTAFE, students in the Focus Group spoke highly of the positive learning experience, with their contentment extending to teachers, fellow students, and the program as a whole. Students praised the clarity of explanations, an easy-going teaching approach, and the creation of a collaborative learning environment.

The ELICOS department at TasTAFE has actively improved communication with VET departments , undertaking substantial measures to stay updated on the language skills essential for upcoming TAFE programs. This ensures alignment with evolving educational needs. These collaborative efforts have resulted in adjustments that have already positively influenced the goals of current students. 

In their pursuit of quality, TasTAFE has undertaken a successful project to update their curriculums in line with student needs. The updated curriculums integrate language skills, cultural understanding, and effective communication strategies to deliver a comprehensive learning experience. The focus on desired learning outcomes ensures that students receive high-quality education adhering to NEAS standards and reflecting TasTAFE’s dedication to providing top notch educational opportunities.

February 2024