NEAS Connects with ASEAN and Its Region – CamTESOL Conference

At CamTESOL Phnom Penh, Peetra Lechte, NEAS’ Communications Manager was joined by Adam Kilburn, CEO to present on QA and Leadership is the New Normal, highlighting the importance of Quality Assurance in the ELT sector.

QA & Leadership have become part of our everyday existence; we no longer resist the idea of ‘auditing’ or see it as some kind of punishment. Instead, we have come to understand that it is indeed a beneficial part of a reflective practice. Without a QA framework and expert leaders to guide us, we would not know what or how to improve.

In order to strengthen multilateral relationships between ASEAN, Australia and internationally, with English as the lingua franca, the importance of English language proficiency is constantly intensifying. It is commonly recognised that good quality English language tuition is central to career capital and that by possessing good English language proficiency, international employment and further study prospects will expand, lifestyles can be elevated and healthy competition in the world of jobseekers will be bolstered.

March 2024