NEAS News – NEAS continues to extend services to a greater part of the ELT community.

As we branch further out to the online space and prepare for a return to the ‘new normal’ face to face teaching environment we must reach out to each other for support and ideas sharing. Preparing yourself for the future is vital if you want to stay relevant and keep your stakeholders engaged.

Below is an update on some of the areas NEAS is working towards on support for the ELT community in the future.

NEAS Community Endorsements

We are launching something new for the English Language Teaching (ELT) community. We are utilising our expertise in quality assurance to broaden our services to a range of important stakeholders. From July 2020 our listings for each of the areas below will become available on the NEAS website. These listings are a space to    showcase endorsed agents, products, services and ELT professionals.

NEAS Quality Agents will be checked and measured by both external and internal benchmarking mechanisms on reliability, credibility and quality. Endorsed Agents are further benchmarked through our Quality Assurance Framework, thus proving their commitment to aspirational quality standards.

NEAS Quality Products and Services are high-quality products and services that benefit the ELT community. These products and services achieve the NEAS Quality Products and Services endorsement by providing demonstrated quality outcomes in the ELT community. Endorsed Quality Products and Services further distinguish themselves through an independent Quality Review and a demonstration of aspirational standards in innovation and best practice.

NEAS Quality ELT Professionals are individuals aspiring to become experts in English Language Teaching. ELT Professionals are listed through demonstration of integrity and commitment to professional development. Endorsed ELT Professionals are granted their endorsement through a provision of quality drivers and commitment to advancing education.

Showcasing Communities of Practice ​through Webinars, Online Workshops and Face to Face Symposia

Communities of Practice (COPs) are groups of volunteer participants that have an on-going interaction around a shared concern.

Communities of Practice are a valuable source of professional development as they offer English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals a supportive environment to share knowledge and build better practices. They provide a rich resource of knowledge, experience and expertise in order to achieve common goals, solve common problems and learn from one another to advance and grow. 

Our Quality Learning Series workshops are now delivered using online tools. We’ve continued to offer monthly webinars and in July, NEAS is launching a new series of online courses, Specialisations, within a Communities of Practice framework.

We invite you to register for the online practices here. 

Community of Practice: School Preparation (HSP & PSP)

Professionals working in Primary and High School Preparation contexts are invited to share their experience, knowledge and expertise to solve common problems and celebrate achievements in order to learn, advance and grow. NEAS COPs provide the environment for ELT professionals to share experiences and develop their areas of interest.

When? June 12, 3:00pm (Sydney time)


* NEAS PD are for Members and Associate Members Only. See if your centre is endorsed here.

The University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching’s EAP Teacher Training

The University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching’s EAP Teacher Training is a professional program that develops knowledge and skills in the specialised area of English for Academic Purposes. EAP Teacher Training is a NEAS Premium Product offering the following key benefits:

Extend your teaching skills and knowledge into the field of English for Academic Purposes.

  • Apply current theory to teaching practice.
  • Invest in your own professional development.
  • Enhance your career prospects as a language teaching professional.

To learn more about EAPTT or to apply, visit