All Saints International Centre

Congratulations to All Saints International Centre on its successful completion of a Quality Assurance Management Meeting, which confirms the Centre’s continued Quality Endorsement. A structured Management Meeting was conducted as a substitute for the Quality Review in 2022, due to the ongoing circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The Management Meeting covered core areas of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, as well as additional areas of significance for the Centre.

Since the Australian borders reopened to student visa holders, enrolment numbers for the Centre have been strong. At the same time, there have been challenges with visa delays, as well as adjustments required to switch temporarily from onsite classes to streamed delivery, to cater for those leaners testing positive for COVID-19. During the past year, All Saints International Centre has produced a purpose-designed Pastoral Care course for international students and staff. The special program includes an insightful facilitator guide and student workbook, and is intended for use for one to two hours per week over a school year. The purpose of this significant publication is to assist students in settling into their study and life in Australia, and the Centre is commended for its dedication to student care. Staff professional development and careful monitoring of student participation and attendance have been consistently maintained.

August 2022