Conference Countdown: Only 7 More Weeks!


With a focus on wellbeing and mental health, this panel discussion highlights the importance of sustaining the wellbeing of students and teachers in the ELT sector, making it especially relevant in today’s context. Our esteemed panellists, experts in the industry, will share valuable insights and explore effective strategies to support the wellbeing of educators and learners.

In the dynamic landscape of the ELT industry, the mental health and wellbeing of educators and international students are paramount. As the sector changes and evolves, educators and students face increasing pressure and stress. This panel discussion serves as a platform to address these challenges, offering practical solutions and fostering a supportive community.

One of the ways on which we serve our members at NEAS is to frame discussion and create a space for knowledge sharing. We expect this session to have an influence over education support for teachers and students in the community. 

March 2024