Congratulations ST John’s International College on online course endorsement!

St John’s International College is the international section of St John’s Anglican College, a co-educational Christian school located at Forest Lake, Brisbane. The International College welcomes overseas students aged 6 to 18 years. With the support of a dedicated Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) grant, NEAS reviewed and endorsed St John’s Anglican College’s Online High School Preparation Program. The virtual course benefits from a flexible design that caters to the individual needs and motivations of learners and aligns with the College’s intention to offer lessons to students who may come and go between in-person and online classes. Lessons are planned in detail from the College’s High School Preparation Program, with learning outcomes clearly articulated.

The online course has evolved organically from the in-person program; it is teacher-led and engages the teenage students in classes akin to those they will one day enrol in or return to. Open student feedback includes standout comments, as follows: “Awesome”; “I am very happy to study here. The students and teachers here are very friendly”; and “My English level has greatly improved through my online learning experience thanks to the help and guidance of my wonderful English teacher at St Johns”. Congratulations to St John’s International College on the successful Quality Endorsement of its Online High School Preparation Program.