Congratulations to Albright Institute Brisbane!

Albright Institute Brisbane is conveniently situated on Adelaide Street in the heart of Brisbane City, making it an accessible choice for prospective students. The Centre offers two shifts, catering to both morning and evening schedules. Approximately 50% of Albright Brisbane’s students transition into higher education pathways via Albright’s pathway agreements, which include partnerships with Torrens University, Southern Cross University, University of Southern Queensland, and Griffith University.

The Centre is committed to student success and runs weekly national ELICOS meetings, where the focus is on students and forecasting class requirements for the upcoming week. 

To enhance the student experience, Albright Institute Brisbane hosts an English club twice a month, fostering language proficiency and a sense of community. The Centre also organises pre-planned excursions, taking advantage of its proximity to various culturally enriching sites.

December 2023