Congratulations to CASS Training International College.

We congratulate Cass Training International College, which is located in the heart of Sydney City, in close proximity to Darling Harbour and the city centre’s diverse range of restaurants. This advantageous location enables students to immerse themselves in real-world English experiences, aligning with the college’s policy to actively utilise the surrounding environment. This not only enhances students’ English proficiency but also creates a ‘lively, fantastic atmosphere’, as highlighted by one administrative staff member who noted it as a significant strength of the college.

The college’s commitment to fostering a sense of community is evident in its well-planned design, featuring compact facilities and a communal area equipped with seating and kitchen facilities. The Centre attracts students from a wide variety of nationalities, mostly from Southeast and East Asia and some from Latin America, Europe, and Arabian countries. 

Feedback from students reflected their satisfaction with the Centre’s services. They appreciate the helpful and accessible administrative staff, noting a genuine caring attitude from teachers who inquire about absences and demonstrate attentiveness to students’ well-being. The personalised one-on-one feedback system, allowing students to participate in setting their learning goals, adds to their positive learning experience.

Teachers at CTIC are assigned to classes based on their experience and preferences. The college’s policy of rotating teachers across different General English levels promotes versatility, a practice valued by the teaching staff. Additionally, the implementation of ‘swaps,’ where teachers transition to another class for the final period of the day enriches the overall teaching experience for educators.

December 2023