Congratulations to Cairns College of English and Business!

NEAS congratulates Cairns College of English on completing a successful Quality Review Activity. Cairns College of English and Business (CCEB) boasts state-of-the-art facilities at its newly acquired premises on Aplin Street. This strategically located campus offers students the convenience of being within walking distance of Cairns’ renowned attractions and services, including the Cairns Esplanade, Aquarium, Performing Arts Centre, and more. Spread across two levels, the campus ensures accessibility for all, with a street-level café adding to its appeal.

The innovative design of the second level enhances the student experience, featuring a spacious central student area that can be adapted for various student activities. Students come to CCEB from diverse regions such as Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia. Switzerland and Japan are of particular interest due to the institution’s well-established ties with these countries.

CCEB prides itself on the support it provides to both teachers and students. Instructors in the focus group praised the comprehensive teacher handbook and the central resource drive. Students echoed this sentiment, expressing gratitude for their teachers’ helpfulness, responsiveness to questions, and genuine concern for their daily lives and concerns.

To further aid student success, CCEB has implemented a one-hour self-study session at the end of each day, where two dedicated teachers are available to address students’ language-related queries from their daily lessons. Additionally, the college organizes Friday afternoon activities, facilitating student interaction with both peers and members of the Cairns community to enhance their spoken English skills.

The reception staff at CCEB have garnered praise from students for their unwavering support. The Centre Director maintains an open-door policy, welcoming students who wish to discuss study pathways or any other concerns they may have, ensuring a holistic and supportive learning environment.

September 2023