Congratulations to ILSC Sydney!

Congratulations to ILSC Sydney on the successful completion of its Quality Review activity with NEAS.

ILSC Sydney is part of the wider ILSC group, established 31 years ago, with a global presence including colleges in Canada, the USA, India, and Australia. The Sydney campus is strategically located on George Street within the iconic Woolworths Building. The two-floor facility serves as a vibrant hub for English language teaching and learning. ILSC Sydney offers courses in General English, FCE, CAE, IELTS Mastery, and EAP, accommodating over 1,000 students across three shifts.

Participants in the Student Focus Group expressed satisfaction with their learning outcomes, highlighting the quality of instruction and describing their experience as ‘very good’. Beyond the classroom, students enjoy diverse opportunities to enhance their language skills through activities such as job clubs, foosball games in common areas, and informal gatherings in the lounge/kitchen spaces, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Teachers in the Focus Group are pleased to be part of the ILSC teaching team. They appreciated the wealth of resources available and their seamless access to instant IT support during teaching sessions.

Management’s commitment to fostering a “school ethos” and a “community feel” is evident in their efforts to promote coordination and networking among colleagues. This initiative aims to create a supportive environment where professionals can build a rewarding career path within the ILSC community.

March 2024