Congratulations to Universal English (UE)!

NEAS extends congratulations to Universal English (UE) for the successful completion of a Quality Review Activity. Located in Melbourne CBD, Universal English (UE) serves as the central office for the Universal Learning Group, comprising the Universal Institute of Technology, The William Light Institute, and Universal Higher Education.

The campus features well-equipped facilities, including computer labs, a library, comfortable breakout areas on each level, a dining area, and a cafe-like space offering barista courses and coffee services. UE’s student body is diverse, welcoming students from many countries, including Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and Mongolia. These students are enrolled in a variety of courses including General English, Cambridge FCE, IELTS Exam Preparation, and the unique UE Active Conversation in English (ACE) course.

Committed to enhancing oral communication skills and fostering cultural integration, UE organises Active English weeks and various social activities, showcasing dedication to holistic language education.

March 2024