EF International – Perth

Congratulations to EF International-Perth for successfully completing a Quality Review Activity with NEAS.

EF International-Perth Campus is conveniently located across two buildings in the Perth CBD close to the central train and bus interchange. The main building is a refurbished heritage building with historic character as well as modern classrooms and student facilities. Students cross a small lane to study in the more modern sister building.

The Campus provides modern and state of art facilities, well-equipped classrooms and student breakout areas. Boasting ample space for growth, EF International-Perth provides students with access to facilities in both buildings, including microwaves, refrigerators, and vending machines. 

QR Codes play a distinctive communication role in the Centre, with pull and push modes employed. Students are able to access surveys and other important information via codes. The Centre further leverages social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Linked to promote its programs, services and facilities, with the assistance of student ambassadors who play a significant role in promoting the campus to prospective students.

EF International-Perth enjoys the advantage of operating several Centres throughout Australia, providing opportunities for benchmarking activities. As a multinational, large-scale institution, EF International-Perth gathers student feedback samples from across its Centres to inform curricula, test reviews and the overall development of the EF International brand. Additionally, staff have the opportunity to work at various EF Centres, providing a unique opportunity to compare and contrast operations. 

April 2023