ELT Professional Points and Badges Explained

Looking to add points to your NEAS ELT Professional listing?

Lets explore a listing below so you can learn how to earn special badges and points!

CPD Points

Since 2020 NEAS has implemented Continuing professional development (CPD) for a number of professional development opportunities.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is the process of recording formal and informal professional development from all sources through assigning points to relevant PD in order to maintain and build knowledge, skills, experience and currency in one’s professional life. 

Earning CPD through a number of the activities through NEAS validates quality learning for teachers, managers and ELT professionals.

ActivityModeDurationCPD Points
NEAS ConferenceF2F2 days20
Master PractitionerMixedVarious20
COPS workshopsFace to Face1 day12
SpecialisationOnline2 hours +10
QLSF2F90 minutes6
Industry Master ClassesOnline60 minutes6
QLSOnline60 – 90 minutes3
Webinar/coreOnline1 hour +2
CatchupsOnline60 minutes1
Post Conference SeriesOnline45 minutes1


Quality Listing Badges

These badges signify achievements and memberships that individuals can earn by attending professional development by NEAS. Individuals are awarded badges as they progress through the professional development levels with NEAS and can showcase their badges on the ELT professionals listing and Linkedin.

Associate Member Badge
For those badge collectors and supporters of NEAS. Associate Members receive an exclusive badge, gain access to member-only communications, gather an Assessment of Qualifications and access to the Annual General Meeting.

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Endorsed Centre
This badge is used only for individuals that work for NEAS endorsed centres and is in recognition of their organisation’s commitment to quality assurance in English Language Teaching.

Core Courses Completed Badge
This badge is awarded after completion of all eight core courses covering basic elements of Quality Assurance in ELT.

Gathered through NEAS Online.

Specialisation Completed Badge
Specialisations are awarded on completion of NEAS Online Specialisation courses. These courses focus on commentary and expert opinion in the ELT community and can only be completed by those individuals who have completed all core courses.

Access the specialisations through NEAS Online.

Master Practitioner in ELT Badge
This course focuses on showcasing individuals’ achievements in Quality Assurance in ELT and demonstrates expertise and application of Quality Assurance Principles in the workplace.

Endorsed ELT Professional Badge
This badge is only for individuals who have achieved the NEAS standards for ELT professionals and completed the NEAS capstone course “Master Practitioner in ELT”. NEAS Endorsed ELT Professionals are the aspirational individuals in the ELT community.

With this information, you can get to the top of the leaderboard and earn badges by NEAS, the leading independent Quality Assurer in ELT.