Endorsement News: John Paul International College (JPIC)

Congratulations to John Paul International College (JPIC) on completing a successful Quality Review activity with NEAS.

JPIC is the ELICOS section of John Paul College and is located within the school. Currently, students are enrolled in the International Primary Preparation Program and the High School Preparation course (HSPC). The HSPC program is well-designed and demonstrates a sound understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary for students to succeed in mainstream classes. 

JPIC students are given access to a diverse range of resources including access to a digital reading program, which includes a level library which is an excellent source for the younger students to progress their reading proficiency. Students reported that their teachers planned their lessons well and were satisfied with their courses and the extra-curricular support the College provided. 

JPIC’s teachers have the appropriate training and are all QCT registered. The teacher group commented that the mentoring and general support they receive is excellent. In addition, the results of the teacher survey were all positive, with one commenting: “I love working for this organisation because there is a real sense of community and collaboration (sharing resources, time and skills) around teaching and learning”.

JPIC places great importance on gathering feedback from stakeholders to better understand student needs, progress and attitude towards services. An innovative initiative aimed at strengthening the bond between the homestay community and the students is the establishment of a student homestay advisory group and a homestay family advisory group. 

May 2023