Expanding the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework

NEAS has been developing and working on additional sets of areas of standards for the ELT community over the past 12 months and has recently released two new Quality Standard Areas to complement the existing 12 Quality Standard Areas in our Quality Assurance Framework:

·         Area M: Transnational Delivery; and

·         Area N: Foundation Programs

NEAS’s Quality Assurance services continue to evolve and expand to serve Member Centres. In a period of challenge and flux, NEAS works closely with its Members to set aspirational quality standards for innovative practices and to help them grow their businesses.

NEAS is finalising operational details to pilot these new Quality Areas. If you are interested in participating in our pilot initiatives for Transnational Delivery and Foundation Programs, please email Operations Manager, Daniel Yuen: d.yuen@neas.org.au

Check out the NEAS QA Framework here