Griffith University

NEAS congratulates Griffith University, School of Humanities and Social Science on completing a successful Quality Review of its Master in TESOL Course and the Quality Endorsement of its Graduate Certificate in TESOL. 

NEAS was particularly impressed with the attention given to course development and the quality of delivery. With both domestic and international students enrolled in these courses, the school provides students with ease of access to information pertaining to course subject information. Individual course information sheets paired with teacher support offer students the support material to foster self-directed learning.

The provision of constructive feedback is embedded in these courses and aims at enhancing student-to-student engagement in their learning experience. This is fostered by providing avenues of peer-to-peer feedback. 

Student support is highly regarded by the university and is made available to both domestic and international students through multiple channels. Academic support programs are offered to students who are continuing to enhance their English Language proficiency, while Griffith’s international student services provides ongoing support to international students through a number of programs. These were increased to include additional services during covid regulations.

Students undertaking TESOL courses at Griffith University benefit from access to conference information and job advertisements via a Griffith University TESOL Community Teams Site.

02 February 2023