Health Careers Language Academy (HCLA) Melbourne Campus

Congratulations to the Health Careers Language Academy (HCLA) Melbourne Campus on successfully completing a Quality Assurance Management Meeting, reaffirming the Centre’s ongoing commitment to quality. The meeting, conducted during an Onsite Visit by the assigned NEAS Quality Assessor, was an essential part of the continuous Quality Review cycle. During the Quality Assurance activity, core areas of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework were assessed, as well as areas of significance for the Centre.

HCLA’s mission is to prepare international students for healthcare careers while concurrently improving their language skills. By integrating healthcare-focused curriculum with language development, HCLA empowers students with the necessary knowledge and communication abilities to excel in the healthcare industry. Currently, the Centre is preparing for the resumption of its ELICOS programs while simultaneously enhancing its course and assessment development and review processes.

July 2023