Industry Partnerships and Collaboration for Innovation in the ELT Industry

Collaboration is renowned for fostering creativity and generating new ideas… But how?

When individuals come together, sharing experiences and resources, and bringing their own perspectives and expertise to the table, added value is created in those interactions. “The result is greater than the sum of its parts” they say. Whether it is exchanging best practices, addressing sector-wide challenges, or simply brainstorming ideas, collaborating with others can be invigorating and lead to remarkable success! It encourages networking and relationship-building, opening doors to mutually beneficial partnerships and opportunities.

Our ELT sector is arguably the most energetic and creative in education. Our work at NEAS allows us to see various parties connecting, sharing and remaking opportunity. In some ways this is about responding to change as it happens. In other ways, we’re not just reacting. We’re in the front seat and driving that innovation. By assuring high-quality language education that puts students first, NEAS is a critical player in this space.

By connecting stakeholders with differing resources, needs, and knowledge, NEAS facilitates collaboration and enables collective success. Through these efforts and the creation of a strong community, NEAS plays a key role. It creates professional connections that sing!

A great example is the recently NEAS-endorsed ReadyTeacher product. Sarah Chamberlain, the founder has done a terrific job in designing a new platform in the teacher recruitment space.

Who will you connect with today to exchange ideas and create added value for yourself and your organisation?

March 2023