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Professional Development and Teacher Empowerment

Managing Multi-Site Organisations: Strategies That Actually Work

With the growing number of ELICOS institutions expanding across the country, managing multi-campus organisations has become more common.

Join our interactive workshop for practical strategies on achieving effective operations across multiple campuses, drawing from experiences at Albright’s campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

Cultivating Continuous Improvement in ELICOS

In the dynamic landscape of Australian ELT, schools must adapt rapidly. This presentation explores how a Sydney-based ELICOS school drives positive change through collaborative learning, improved communication, and data-driven decision-making. 

By prioritising student feedback and innovative practices, La Lingua enhances the learning experience becoming more responsive to students’ needs and expectations.

Lifelong Learning and Professional Development for Managers

Lifelong learning and continuous professional development are essential for ELT managers to stay relevant and effective in their roles. This presentation will explore strategies for building personalised learning plans tailored to the unique needs of ELT leadership.

Mentoring Models for Academic Managers

Explore diverse mentoring models in ELT, focusing on effective peer mentoring programs for academic managers.

This session covers theory, practical insights from research and case studies, and offers a platform for participants to discuss and apply peer mentoring in their contexts.

March 2024