Katherine Olston

Katherine Olston is the Director at the University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching where she oversees all aspects of the organisation including strategic and business planning, financial management, professional development, performance appraisal, curriculum design and the integration of technology-enhanced pedagogy. Katherine is passionate about technology-enhanced learning; her most recent project has been to lead the conceptualization, design and development of CET’s Specialization ‘Advanced Skills for University Success’, a series of five MOOCs delivered via Coursera that prepare undergraduate students for university study at English-speaking universities.

As recognition for this work, Katherine and the ‘MOOC Team’ have received a number of recognitions and awards including, the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Educational Engagement and Innovation (2017), the English Australia Innovation Award (2017) and the NEAS Premium Product Endorsement (2017). Katherine regularly represents CET at university and industry events; in 2017 she presented at the Coursera Conference (USA), the Smart Sparrow Learning Innovation Summit (Melbourne), the Blended learning Summit (Sydney), the AIEC Conference (Hobart), and the English Australia Conference (Adelaide). She holds a Masters in Learning Science and Technology (Research, University of Sydney), an International Diploma of Language Teaching Management (University of Queensland), and a Masters of Fine Art (Research, University of New South Wales).

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