NEAS Congratulates Shafston International College!

Shafston International College is situated at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, offering a serene environment along the Brisbane River. The campus features a mix of modern and heritage buildings along the riverbank, providing easy access to the City Cat ferry service and nearby bus routes. The campus also provides onsite accommodation services and homestay services. 

The largest contingent of students is from South America followed by East, and Southeast Asia. Currently, ELICOS students are enrolled in various programs including General English levels from Beginner to Upper Intermediate, Cambridge CAE, FCE and PET courses, IELTS Preparation, and HSP.

Teachers in the focus group presented themselves as highly competent and skilled in their individual areas of expertise. They also expressed their contentment with being given flexibility and autonomy to design resources that directly catered to the learning needs of students.

According to student feedback, campus facilities, including the self-study resources and self-access library, are well-received. The Shafston Plus hour after regular classes provides additional support in grammar, vocabulary, communication, and job search skills. Students value the relaxed, student-centred environment for learning and interaction with teachers and peers.

To support students, the Head of ELICOS dedicates an ‘open door’ hour every Friday afternoon. During this time, students can discuss their progress, learning pathways, and any concerns they may have, promoting open communication within the learning community.

December 2023