NEAS congratulates The English Language School (TELS)!

NEAS congratulates The English Language School (TELS) for becoming the latest Quality Endorsed Member. As the English language teaching division of The Business School Pty Ltd, TELS is a newly established ELICOS provider situated in the Sydney suburb of Campsie. TELS offers English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and General English (GE) courses, emphasising its commitment to quality education. Additionally, The Business School provides accredited vocational education programs, specialising in areas like business, leadership, and social media marketing, among others. TELS is experiencing a steady increase in enrolments, and the Centre actively strives to admit students from diverse backgrounds, fostering a multicultural and inclusive learning environment.

Implementing a 360-degree stakeholder feedback approach, NEAS gathers input from a broad spectrum of stakeholders as part of its Quality Endorsement process. During recent Focus Group sessions at TELS, teachers emphasised that the courses have been thoughtfully designed to integrate a range of instructional methods. This approach has proven effective in meeting the diverse learning requirements of students and accommodating the distinctive teaching styles of educators. During a dedicated interview session, students expressed that the teachers were “friendly” and displayed a deep understanding of the learning process, which contributed significantly to effective teaching.

The Centre offers a diverse range of teaching and assessment resources, with teachers actively enhancing these materials to align with the curriculum’s intended theme. The assessment process at the Centre incorporates both summative and formative components, and students receive valuable verbal feedback from teachers regarding their learning progress. TELS has deployed a custom-designed Student Management System, created by an external consultant, for recording results and notes. Both the Academic Manager and the teaching staff highly endorse this system. The Centre provides a welcoming and comfortable environment, promoting positive staff-student interactions.

November 2023