NEAS Congratulates The University of Newcastle Language Centre!

The University of Newcastle Language Centre is conveniently located within the expansive grounds of the university, surrounded by native bushland amidst other university buildings. The Centre is a popular choice for students from various countries, including Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Vietnam, and India.

In a recent NEAS Quality Review visit, students expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the courses and how they helped them prepare for upcoming university courses. They also appreciated the Centre’s responsiveness to their feedback. One student mentioned that the Centre provides “high-quality teaching, assessment, and management of learning. “Students also liked the teaching and study spaces and praised the provision of a 24-hour main library, offering a convenient place to study before and after classes.

In addition, teachers at the University of Newcastle Language Centre spoke positively about the management, highlighting their “highly supportive” nature and “open-door policy.” This collaborative approach has contributed to the positive learning environment at the Centre.

November 2023