NEAS Endorsement News

NEAS congratulates Discover English for completing a successful Quality Review Activity!

Discover English is part of the Academies Australasia Education Group and provides courses for international students in General English (Elementary to Advanced), English for Academic Purposes (EAP), IELTS Preparation, Excel English, Cambridge English B2, C1, C2 and Business English.

Situated in a prime Melbourne central city location, Discover English has attracted a healthy number of students since the return to campus after the COVID-19- Pandemic. The campus provides adequate study spaces for students and an extensive library. The atmosphere at Discover English is friendly and professional and students are provided with comprehensive student services to assist them during their time at the College. In focus group discussions, students praised the College’s ability to help them achieve their goals. 

Teachers at Discover English are appropriately qualified and are given opportunities to improve their skills and teaching range. A yearly professional development calendar demonstrates that regular internally and externally sourced PD for teachers is provided. Students reported feeling satisfied with their teachers. One student commented, “ the teachers are of a very high quality’, while at the same time being “fun and fantastic”.

April 2023