NEAS Endorsement News: Centre for English Language Teaching, UWA

NEAS congratulates Centre for English Language Teaching, University of Western Australia (CELT UWA) for completing a successful Quality Review Activity.

CELT UWA is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive English Language Pathway for students by offering a range of courses, including Language and Communication Essentials (LCE), English for Academic Purposes (EAP) m and Bridging Course (BC), all designed to equip students with the necessary language proficiency and academic skills for their future undergraduate and postgraduate studies. 

The curriculums at CELT UWA have been developed, taking into consideration feedback from students and teachers. Continuous course evaluation is an integral part of the teaching process, facilitated through course curricula notes. In addition, student surveys are conducted periodically to ensure ongoing improvement and alignment of learning outcomes with students’ needs and aspirations. 

CELT UWA recognises the importance of a conducive learning environment and ensures that all students receive academic support and have access to extensive resources at UWA libraries. The Centre also holds licence for various digital resources which enhance the learning experience.

July 2023