NEAS Presents at VUSTESOL in Vietnam

VUS is the largest NEAS endorsed English language centre in Vietnam and hosts the VUS TESOL Conference every year. This year Ms Peetra Lechte, NEAS Communications Manager, was honoured to present once more at this annual event. The theme of the conference was Celebrating Diverse Perspectives in ELT and Ms Lechte’s workshop was entitled Inclusive Classrooms through Diversification.

Inclusion is paramount to differentiation in the English Language Teaching (ELT) classroom. By including diverse activities born from diverse perspectives teachers can create a collaborative and inclusive classroom. Participants were able to explore different ways to include students from different backgrounds, with diverse abilities and with differing needs in the ELT classroom. Through various platforms such Inquiry-based, Task-based and Arts-based learning and teaching, teachers can inspire the love of learning English in their students. The workshop set out to empower teachers by providing them with the opportunity to sample of a variety of pedagogical approaches, which they may later add to their practical teaching toolbox.

August 2023