NEAS Endorsement News: ILSC Language Schools

Congratulations to ILSC Brisbane on Completing a successful Quality Review Activity with NEAS. 

ILSC Brisbane, located in the heart of the city’s CBD, offers a range of English language programs to cater to the diverse needs of its 1,100 students. These programs include General English, English for Academic Purposes, and Exam Preparation for Cambridge and IELTS. The student body includes students from Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, as well as several European countries. Many of these students are on a pathway to further studies, either through Greystone College or ILSC’s network of partner institutions.

Occupying four levels of a refurbished heritage building, ILSC provides a comfortable and welcoming learning environment for its students. Each level is equipped with spacious breakout areas and student recreation zones, where students can relax and engage with each other. The college’s commitment to creating an inclusive and enjoyable space is evident through the availability of various amenities, such as guitars, a foosball table, a tennis table, a barista training area, and reading spaces.

ILSC’s educational strategy is steered by an international Curriculum Committee, which ensures the continuous enhancement and evaluation of the curriculum to meet the student learning needs. The teaching staff at ILSC benefit from a well-designed appraisal and progression system, providing them with opportunities for professional development and growth.

August 2023