News from Adam

Welcome to the latest edition of our CEO’s column News From Adam.

It’s strategic planning time at NEAS. We’ve been looking ahead, making decisions about where we want to be. You’d appreciate that this process has me doing some research, reflecting and, well, thinking fairly deeply about NEAS. In addition to all the usual market statistics and scans of our environment, I’ve been looking at documents from the past: board papers, financials, considerations of ways forward from others, strategic plans of the past. It’s fascinating. And what have I synthesised from all of this? NEAS has had some great staff and leaders in its midst (really, it has a history of contribution!) but there is an essence to NEAS that is somehow greater than any individual board member, employee or CEO, for that matter. The dedication to quality runs throughout, of course, and so it should!  For me, though, NEAS has always been about its membership.
And now?
NEAS is a community of ELT providers (and others!) banded by quality. It still is an association of members. Our new strategic plan will put members first. We offer great value, and we’re going to continue increasing that value to a growing, diversifying membership. In building communities, NEAS aims to meet the needs of its sponsors and other partners too. We feed an ecosystem of collaboration and innovation for our sector, with various parties making different contributions. Let’s not forget the role we play for students and the broader community. We’re a community that gives or shares, and this too will be part of our new plan.

NEAS is a forward-looking, learning organisation and I’m filled with anticipation for our future.  The near future holds our upcoming conference on May 9 and 10. I’ll be talking to you then about NEAS, its past, its present and its future, so I’ll stop now to hold you in some suspense! And if you’re not interested in any of this navel gazing: no worries! There are some excellent speakers of insight and intelligence lined up.
We’re making arrangements to fit in some extra places, but you’ve really got to get in and register now. It’s filling up.

April 2024