Find a Quality ELT Professional

NEAS ELT Professionals are individuals recognised as experts in English Language Teaching. ELT Professionals are listed through demonstration of integrity and commitment to professional development. Associate Members are granted their membership through a provision of quality drivers and commitment to advancing education.

Endorsed Products and Services are measured against Quality Area L of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework.

Quality ELT Professionals – VIC

Lynda Beagle

Lynda works at NEAS.

Louise works at Oakleigh Grammar.

Nikolai works at Kaplan International Languages.

Nikolai is looking for work.

Linh has 2 CPD Points.

Linh works at Melbourne City Institute of Education.

Peetra Lechte

Peetra has 14 CPD Points.

Peetra works at NEAS.

Ella works at RMIT University.

Sharon works at APC Education Group.

Meenu Madan

Meenu has 20 CPD Points.

Meenu works at Nova Institute of Technology.

Andrew has 14 CPD Points.

Andrew works at Tafe Gordon Insitute.

Tafe Gordon Insitute is a NEAS Endorsed Quality Centre.

Jakki has 14 CPD Points.

Jakki works at Explore English.

Explore English is a NEAS Endorsed Quality Centre.

Craig has 14 CPD Points.

Craig works at TMG College Australia.

TMG College Australia is a NEAS Endorsed Quality Centre.

Sijia has 2 CPD Points.

Sijia works at Melbourne Education Institute.