PEARSON Versant English Language Tests Endorsed as Quality Product / Service.

Congratulations to Pearson on achieving NEAS Quality Endorsement of the Versant by Pearson English Language Tests as a Quality Product / Service. NEAS Quality Products and Services benefit the ELT community by delivering aspirational standards in innovation and best practice. This endorsement covers a range of Versant by Pearson English tests: the Versant English Speaking & Listening Test; the Versant English Writing Test; the Versant English Placement Test; the Versant English 4 Skills Essential Test; the Versant Professional English Test; and the Versant English Certificate. The NEAS Endorsement Committee was impressed with the products’ use of ground-breaking AI technology and automated test scoring. The flexibility of product application enables users to achieve efficiencies in cost and administration. The products are shaped by extensive research and development and supported through ongoing collaboration with independent international experts for validation studies and updates.

Congratulations to Victorian Institute of Technology (VIT) Melbourne!

Congratulations to: Victorian Institute of Technology (VIT) Melbourne for becoming the latest Quality Endorsed Member Centre, successfully progressing from Pending status. VIT completed its Quality Review after a series of onsite meetings and focus groups, led by a NEAS Quality Assessor. VIT is an established provider of VET and Higher Education programs with a compact ELICOS Centre, located in the Melbourne CBD. It offers General English, EAP and IELTS Preparation courses; most of its current students hail from East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Benefitting from the instruction of highly qualified and experienced teachers, one student commented through an anonymised survey that: ‘VIT is a good learning environment with enthusiastic teachers’. VIT takes great pride in providing high value services to its students, and this is reflected in the structured manner in which the Centre collates and uses feedback from its leaners to drive ongoing improvements. VIT draws on the expertise of multiple governance committees in delivering excellent education and training outcomes.

Congratulations to English Unlimited Brisbane!

Congratulations to English Unlimited Brisbane on the successful completion of its 2021 NEAS Quality Review! In addition to it central location in Brisbane, English Unlimited also has campuses in Melbourne and Sydney. Students benefit from English Unlimited’ s modern facilities and its team of caring and passionate staff.

The centre immediately and effectively switched to online delivery via its Virtual Learning Environment platform from the onset of the pandemic, and students have since been integrated into national classes, where they engage with and learn from peers and teachers of the organisation’s three Australia-wide campuses. Even with the challenges of the ongoing border closure, English Unlimited continues to enrol new onshore students, often via word-of-mouth recommendations.

Working for an Endorsed Centre, English Unlimited teachers also benefit from access to the NEAS Quality ELT Professional Listing. To join the register of Quality ELT professionals, please visit the NEAS website here.