We Congratulate Curtin University!

Curtin English operates as a part of Curtin Global and is situated on the Bentley campus. The Bentley campus offers a spacious and accessible environment, and it is well-connected to public transportation options such as the Trans Perth bus station and nearby rail connections. Various amenities including food services, recreational facilities, and student counselling are available on campus and are thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse student population.

Curtin English has established a structured approach to familiarise students with university life, ensuring access to all facilities of Curtin University from the beginning of their enrolment. The English courses offered by Curtin are categorised based on specific disciplines, aiding students in engaging with and preparing for their chosen faculty pathways. These courses primarily emphasise academic proficiency and cultural awareness, essential for success in subsequent pathway and faculty-specific studies.

The teacher focus groups have positively acknowledged the logical course design implemented by Curtin English, attributing it to the achievement of favourable learning outcomes for students. In parallel, students who participated in focus groups and surveys have conveyed contentment with both their instructors’ teaching methods and the university’s facilities.

September 2023