Asean University Network

On 15 May 2023, ASEAN University Network, together with National English Language Teaching Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) Australia, held the 2nd Online Introductory Meeting on NEAS’ ELT Quality Endorsement/Certification Project.  ELT administrators and lecturers from nine university English Language Teaching Department/Centres across six ASEAN countries joined this online session. This meeting, which is a follow-up from the first one held in March 2023, signifies the continuing commitment of ASEAN higher education institutions to strengthen their English language capability.

Mr. Daniel Yuen, Operation Manager of NEAS Australia, provided participants with insightful details on the core criteria of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, which include:

  • Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
  • Student Experience
  • Strategy, Risk, and Governance
  • Resources and Facilities
  • Admin, Management, and Staffing
  • Promotion and Student Recruitment

In addition Mr. Yeun also pointed out eight supplementary areas of quality which could provide a comprehensive, dedicating assessment to the characteristic of the teaching carried out by each ELT centre. Some of the supplementary areas of quality included Welfare for Students under 18s (for Centres that provide courses for students under 18s), Online Delivery, Transnational Delivery, Foundation Programs, and more.

AUN and NEAS Australia are united under the shared goal of driving English Language Teaching capability of ASEAN higher education institutions to the next level. The ongoing partnership promises a unique opportunity for higher education institutions in ASEAN to take another step ahead in strengthening the English Language Teaching capability.

June 2023