Conference Countdown: 3 Weeks To Go!


Let us bring your attention back to our keynote speakers for a moment…

We are excited to share that Eddie Woo will be featuring in the 2024 NEAS Conference program!

Dedicated to nurturing young minds, Eddie’s impact extends far beyond the classroom. Whether you know him for his YouTube channel ‘Wootube’, TED Talks, or television appearances on ABC’s ‘Teenage Boss’ and Channel 10’s ‘Ultimate Classroom’, one thing should be clear: Eddie embodies the essence of transformative education.

He is the maths teacher we all wish we had when we were younger!

While he remains committed to classroom teaching, Eddie is also a Professor of Practice at the University of Sydney, working with preservice teachers in the Sydney School of Education & Social Work.

We look forward to be energised by Eddie’s keynote session and can’t wait for you to hear from him at the conference!

April 2024