Congratulations to Moreton Bay Colleges International!

Moreton Bay Colleges International emphasises academic excellence, cultural integration, and holistic development. Its programs are designed to equip young learners with the foundational skills and support necessary for success in an international educational setting. The college offers a rigorous curriculum, experienced faculty, and a supportive community, creating an environment where students can develop their full potential. 

In 2024, the centre pursued quality endorsement of its Primary School Preparation (PSP) course through a customised NEAS quality assurance initiative. The PSP course features a comprehensive curriculum that meets NEAS standards and aligns with ELICOS requirements. The course is also supported by a detailed syllabus and teacher guide outlining weekly plans, learning outcomes, and activities. These outcomes are aligned with CEFR levels, and formative assessments are used to track student progress. Teachers have access to extensive resources via the Cambridge University Press platform and receive mentoring support. The PSP program emphasises integration with mainstream classes, facilitating student participation in school activities and their transition. All teachers are qualified and registered to teach primary school children in Queensland, ensuring consistent and high-quality instruction and support. 

The NEAS Quality Assessor assessed the PSP course using the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework. A formal letter confirmed the completion of the quality assurance process and the course’s endorsement. Moreton Bay Colleges International has shown dedication to independent quality assurance and offers high-quality English language programs that support students in their academic endeavours and future aspirations. 

June 2024