Congratulations to Study Vision!

Study Vision, part of Consteam (Australia) Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, specialises in providing homestay and student accommodation services to international students. The company focuses on creating safe and supportive environments, particularly for students under 18. Study Vision places students from diverse backgrounds into appropriate accommodation and offers 24/7 support. The company prides itself on maintaining strict safety and quality standards. Its comprehensive recruitment, screening, and training of homestay hosts have established it as a preferred accommodation provider. Headquartered in Sydney, Study Vision’s services extend across major Australian and New Zealand cities, offering accommodation, airport pickup services, and guardianship for students in leading educational institutions.

NEAS is pleased to assess and endorse Study Vision in the category of Quality Products and Services (Area O – Homestay Service Providers). The Quality Principles of Area O focus on the following critical aspects of the vendor’s service: its governance and management practices; the provision of a safe and comfortable living environment for students; its support for student welfare arrangements; and the training of host families for student welfare and wellbeing. Detailed information on Area O of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework can be referenced here:

Study Vision’s comprehensive General Guidelines for hosts and students ensure smooth placements, with clear payment arrangements and no additional fees. Regular bi-weekly emails to host families and students confirm placements, gather feedback, and include reminders about rules. For students under 18, Study Vision provides a Local Caregiver who communicates with students, hosts, and parents, attends school meetings, and reports back, benefiting busy host families. NEAS employs a 360-degree stakeholder feedback model for quality assurance assessments. Anonymised feedback highlighted positive experiences with Study Vision. Students praised their assistance in finding and booking homestays, expressing satisfaction with their experiences. Hosts commended Study Vision for its organised approach in homestay placements, emphasising ongoing relationships with former students and their families. They appreciated Study Vision’s facilitation of enjoyable homestay experiences for both hosts and students and commended the organisation for its professionalism and continuous support.

July 2024