Master Practitioner: Snezhana Chernova

NEAS commends Ms Snezhana Chernova for successfully completing the NEAS Master Practitioner in ELT Capstone Course.  The Master Practitioner in ELT Capstone Course is for ELT professionals who are working, teaching or studying in the ELT field and have gained considerable experience in applying NEAS Quality Assurance Principles in their professional practice.

Snezhana’s project was based on a web resource ‘Vidtionary’ that she developed to enhance the English Language skills of students at an upper intermediate level studying at TAFE Queensland. In her Capstone Project, Snezhana demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the NEAS Quality Assurance framework by presenting an in-depth alignment of her product ‘Vidtionary’ with the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, in particular, Drivers in Quality Areas K: Products and Services and Quality Area H: Online Delivery.

Well done Snezhana!

September 2022.