NEAS Announces First Member in Myanmar

NEAS congratulates STARFISH Education on becoming a Quality Endorsed Member, marking a significant milestone as the first NEAS Member Centre in Myanmar. Established in 2008, STARFISH Education has consistently demonstrated its commitment to enhancing the English language proficiency of Myanmar’s young learners.

Before the pandemic, STARFISH Education maintained four physical Centres in Yangon and Mandalay. These Centres were dedicated to offering English language courses and test preparation programs. In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, STARFISH Education made a significant transition to become an online English language provider.

Currently, STARFISH Education extends its reach to students in over 190 townships across Myanmar through online classes and a self-study portal. They have a team of experienced teachers, a responsive customer service team, and IT support in place to assist students with their online educational needs. This strategic shift demonstrates STARFISH Education’s commitment to ensuring continued access to quality education for students.

During the Focus Group session, students shared their positive experiences with STARFISH Education. They highlighted that their applications to institutions like the British Council and other pathway courses had seen a significant increase in success rates after they began their studies with STARFISH Education. Furthermore, students noted a substantial improvement in their confidence when it came to productive language skills, specifically speaking and writing. Students expressed their appreciation for the Study Portal materials, underscoring how these resources had enabled them to monitor their progress electronically, offering a personalised learning experience. Additionally, students participated in group projects, requiring them to collaborate online outside of regular class hours. This approach not only nurtured their autonomy as learners but also honed their teamwork and leadership skills.

October 2023