NEAS Supports MIT Institute Staff with Professional Development

NEAS Australia recently collaborated with MIT Institute to deliver a focused professional development session aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of its teaching staff. Led by NEAS facilitator, Ms Peetra Lechte, the session emphasised assessment strategies, validation techniques, and moderation methodologies.

MIT Institute staff actively engaged in discussions and workshops, gaining practical insights and strategies to enhance their assessment practices. Emphasising the importance of continuous improvement, NEAS and MIT Institute welcomed participant feedback to tailor future sessions to educators’ evolving needs.

Reflecting on the professional development, one participant remarked, “Participating in the professional development from NEAS was constructive to my understanding of assessment and validation in the ELT classroom. It provided me with skills like identifying and analysing assessment tasks, and assessing the validity of examinations to course content. What I found the most useful from the professional development was the assessment moderation module. Breaking down the process of marking and participating in an assessment moderation gave me insight into collaborating with colleagues for examination marking.”

Another participant shared their perspective, stating, “The NEAS workshop was a good opportunity for our teachers to brainstorm and work together. We learnt about the importance of ensuring that learning outcomes are met from various learning tools. We then put this into practise and designed basic learning activities in groups. A very informative and useful workshop.”

This collaborative effort between NEAS Australia and MIT Institute highlights the significance of ongoing learning and collaboration in advancing English language education standards. Through such initiatives, educators are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the diverse needs of their students effectively.

April 2024