Congratulations to the Australian Institute of Language (AIL)!

Congratulations to the Australian Institute of Language (AIL) on a successful quality review activity with NEAS.

Located in the vibrant heart of Melbourne CBD, AIL offers a prime location for international students, facilitating convenient access to language programs during both morning and evening shifts. Its proximity to public transportation, including tram, bus, and train services, ensures ease of travel for students. Students can also enjoy the convenience of nearby amenities like cafes, restaurants, and shops.

AIL enrols students from 25 countries and areas, mostly from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Turkey and China. The college offers classes in General English, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), and IELTS preparation. AIL enhances students’ learning experiences through various in-class activities, organised excursions, after-class language-focused workshops, and study skills sessions. Workshops on adapting to life in Australia are also available to support students in adjusting to their new environment.

April 2024