Congratulations to RMIT English Worldwide (REW)!

Congratulations to RMIT English Worldwide (REW) on the successful completion of its quality review activity with NEAS.

REW has maintained a steady pool of teachers through robust recruitment campaigns and collaborations with the RMIT CELTA program, attracting students from diverse countries, including Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Taiwan, and Korea, who choose REW for their language education.

REW demonstrates a strong commitment to student welfare, exemplified by initiatives such as introducing a therapy dog named Ziggy and employing qualified counselors. Staff members receive training in student wellbeing to address various concerns, including depression, anxiety, and device addiction. Notably, REW’s student wellbeing efforts were recognized with the ISANA Conference Bursary Award for ‘Beside Myself,’ a student-devised theatre production.

REW prioritises staff development through structured processes like SWOT analysis, goal-setting exercises, and regular engagement and wellbeing surveys. Continuous learning opportunities are provided through a professional development committee and individual development plans for teachers.

April 2024