Ozford English Language Centre

NEAS Congratulates Ozford English Language Centre for its recent completion of a successful Quality Review activity. Ozford English Language Centre provides international students with a range of courses including General English, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and English for Secondary School Purposes (ESSP). Upon achieving the required level, students may articulate from their English courses into courses at Ozford Institute of Higher Education, and Ozford College (High School). In addition to internal pathway opportunities, Ozford English Language Centre has established articulations with local education institutions for VET and higher education courses.

Ozford English Language Centre has recently moved into a new campus in the centre of Melbourne City. The new campus provides a welcoming and professional atmosphere for students and staff. Teachers have access to a comfortable staff room with the electronic resources required to create engaging learning materials and students are provided with a well-furnished space to enjoy the student community. Students and teachers reported in surveys and Focus Group meetings that they were happy with the spaces at the centre and felt that access to technology was good.

Students expressed that they feel well cared for by teachers, professional staff and management. Feedback from the student surveys concerning teachers and their approach was very positive with over 90% agreeing or strongly agreeing with the high level of course delivery, assessment and teaching approaches. One student commented, “I really happy” “Because I really happy when I go to school. Teacher teach really good” “His class is really communicate [sic] and funny and easy to understand”.

September 2022