The University of Queensland (UQ) College

Congratulations to The University of Queensland (UQ) College for completing a successful Quality Review activity. Evolving from the Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education (ICTE), UQ College has advanced into a more pathway focused University College with the addition of Foundation and VET courses. In light of this reinvention, the English Language Pathways arm of the College has a more nuanced and focused academic skills program that aims to prepare and acculturate students for their subsequent faculty courses.

Emerging from the COVID-19 period, UQ College has adapted by providing a greater focus on online, blended and hybrid models of English language instruction. UQ College staff have developed and expanded skills in online delivery to cater to students studying remotely in Australia as a pandemic response, in addition to offering online delivery to offshore cohorts. The College uses multiple strategies to cater for online delivery. The development and delivery of online resources are of a high standard and are to be commended. Assessment is comprehensive and rigorous, with sophisticated online-based listening and reading skills testing.

The campus facilities are conducive to teaching and learning and provide a large teacher staff room with hot desk arrangements as a contingency, should teacher numbers suddenly increase. The Ground floor has been reserved as a flexible learning space or Independent Learning Centre (ILC). This space allows flexible study modes, from small group discussion and project work to Guided Individual Learning (GIL) and targeted one-on-one consultation.

Student and Teacher Health Checks and Focus Groups reported high levels of satisfaction with their experience at UQ College, while students expressed being particularly pleased with the UQ Student sessions in which they could meet with and converse with local students.

September 2022