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NEAS Quality Centres are Quality Endorsed by NEAS against the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework. These centres partake in annual quality review and continuous improvement activities with the support of NEAS.

Quality Endorsement is granted and maintained through NEAS’ 360 degree stakeholder-driven feedback model, which is informed by input from students, teachers and professional staff.

NEAS Quality Centres are recognised in the English Language Teaching community for their commitment to quality outcomes for stakeholders in each of the NEAS Quality Areas.

Macquarie University College

Macquarie University College
CRICOS: 02942D

Building 8SCO, Level 1, 8 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue
NSW 2109 Australia

02 9850 5055


• Direct Entry English Program
• English for Business
Preparation Program (BPP)
• English for Accounting
Preparation Program (APP)
• English for Business &
Information Technology (EBIT)
• Direct Entry English Program
– Fast Track (DEFT)
• Translation and Interpretation
Preparation Program (TIPP)
• Direct Entry English for
International Studies (DEIS)
• Introductory Academic
Program (IAP)
• English Preparation Program
• Business Preparation
Program for Finance (BPPF)
• Study Skills and English
Preparation Program (SSEPP)
• University Entry English
Preparation Program for
Human Sciences, the Arts
and Science (HAS)
• University Entry English
Preparation Program for
• University Entry English
Preparation Program for
Education and Translating &
Interpreting (ED/TIPP)
• University Entry English
Preparation Programs

• Foundation Direct Entry (FDE) and Diploma Direct Entry (DDE) courses


• Standard Foundation Program