Shafston International College

NEAS Congratulates Shafston International College in Brisbane on completing a successful Quality Review Activity with NEAS! 

Located on the banks of the Brisbane River, Shafston Brisbane campus offers large garden areas and striking river views. The original Shafston House building has been refurbished and equipment modernised. On its entrance floor, the main reception area leads to facilities for students to mingle, the enrolments section and the student services section. There are also excellent areas for orientation, assessment and study space with novels. Due to the large facilities, Shafston English was able to provide face-to-face classes during the pandemic. Currently, the school is welcoming students into General English classes, IELTS and CAE Preparation classes, High School Preparation (HSP) and Primary School Preparation (PSP) classes.  

Shafston fosters a supportive and nurturing environment for international students and provides counselling services on campus. The safety and wellbeing of students under 18 are highly regarded and supported by management.

January 2023